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Working at Coppett Hill

Coppett Hill is a technology-enabled consultancy working with investor-backed businesses to drive growth and commercial performance.  

Founded in 2023, we are a small but fast-growing team, with big ambitions. We work with management teams and investors in some of the UK’s most exciting companies across a range of B2B and B2C industry sectors (examples include software businesses, online travel, ecommerce and professional services). Clients chose to work with us because of our ability to bridge the gap between Board-level strategy, technical capabilities, commercial insights and practical execution.  

We describe the work we do as focussing on ‘accelerating customer acquisition’, which is everything a business does to attract and convert new customers. Most of our work involves helping our clients to improve their marketing and sales effort to support future growth and improve efficiency. However by focussing on ‘customer acquisition’ more holistically we consider both the strategic choices that a business can make, as well as how these translate into day-to-day operations and building new organisational capabilities. We think this is a fascinating area to work in as it can span across a whole range of teams (marketing, sales, data, product, operations, finance) and is absolutely core to a business’ strategy and success. 

See How We Help for examples of the type of projects we work on. Our Ideas posts are also a good representation of the sorts of topics we are tackling with our clients.

We are growing fast and looking to hire bright, motivated individuals who enjoy a challenge. We think we offer a fantastic opportunity to learn, grow, have fun and make an impact! 

The sort of people we’re looking for... 

Are capable and data-driven with a flexible thinking style

Are kind and contribute to creating a great working environment

Want to add value for clients, more than creating a ‘pretty slide deck’

Are eager to learn and willing to be wrong 

Suggest solutions after identifying problems

Embrace a “startup culture” and want to be part of building the business

We are currently hiring for Associates  and a Consultant to join our London office. 


We’re always keen to hear from exceptional talent. If our work resonates with you then please reach out. We are especially interested in speaking with potential Project Leaders who have experience across consulting, private equity and operational roles. 

Why join us? 

  • The opportunity to be part of an early-stage company – giving you the chance to rapidly take on more responsibility and be part of building the business and shaping the direction.  

  • Work with a team of smart, skilled people who value your growth – we’re striving for an environment where high potential becomes high performance. 

  • You'll work directly with senior clients and experienced team members with plenty of opportunity for taking ownership and seeing the impact of your work. Working at the intersection of corporates and private equity, i.e. high quality, fast paced businesses - you will learn a lot! 

  • You will learn about customer acquisition and growth strategy, using typical consulting problem solving skills, alongside advanced technology and our proprietary tools and methodologies that you will contribute to building.  

  • We run our projects in partnership with clients, with more flexibility in structure than the large consulting firms, meaning more predictable hours and more control over our schedules. 

  • We have a culture of trust and autonomy – whilst we are primarily office based (3-4 days / week, which we think is invaluable to learning and culture), we strive to foster a flexible work environment that enables you to be at your best (at work and at home). This might mean being flexible with your hours to accommodate childcare or working remotely for a couple of weeks if that's what you need. 

  • We’re highly motivated to have impact with our clients, we work hard but we also make sure we have fun along the way and celebrate our successes!  

  • We’re building a great place to work - we want to keep the best bits from our time at big strategy firms (think team dinners out, away days, training and mentorship culture) whilst letting go of the things that frustrated us (think long slide decks that sit on a shelf, analysis for the sake of it, restrictive hierarchies). 

  • A great office environment in central London with coffee, bike storage and a gym. 

  • Competitive compensation with a shared bonus pool based on company performance. 

Life as an Associate

Jack is an Associate at Coppett Hill. 


After receiving a degree in Mathematics from the University of Bath in 2022, Jack gained consulting experience on the graduate scheme at Deloitte, before joining the Coppett Hill team in December 2023.  


Jack sat down with us to reflect on his time at Coppett Hill so far.

Why did you join Coppett Hill? 

The most important thing for me at this stage in my career is learning and development – I knew that I would be taking on more responsibility when I joined a smaller firm, but I’ve been surprised at just how much steeper my own personal learning curve has become. Bigger firms may have more structured training programs (although a Coppett Hill ‘Academy’ is in the works), but after having experienced both, I feel like there is no substitute for real exposure to client decision makers, and I was on a call with a CEO within my first week. 

One other thing I’d like to add in the spirit of radical transparency (which is something we wholeheartedly endorse at Coppett Hill) is that I absolutely did have the standard concerns about joining a small business! I quickly gained confidence from the credibility of the team and vision for the future - I think we have a great spot in the market, and great relationships with our existing client base. 

What does a typical day look like? 

At Coppett Hill, we are predominantly office based – this means my day starts by braving the northern line to get into our office in Bank for 9am. I’ll check my emails and calendar – ordinarily, I will have at least one client meeting each day. As an associate, I’m actively involved in all stages of the client journey, from initial scoping through to final delivery. This has given me much more of an opportunity to develop a relationship with the client than I would have had at a larger consulting firm – I’m lucky to have had the chance to work with a set of great client teams so far. 

Our projects involve a lot of technical work – on a daily basis, I’ll work with SQL, Python and Tableau. I had some experience working with these tools beforehand, but the increase in my proficiency since joining Coppett Hill has been very rewarding. Outside of project work, I focus on the development of our proprietary tools (which help us to solve client problems much more quickly), and work on the strategy and direction of Coppett Hill as a business.  

Ordinarily, I’ll finish around 6:30, and make time for some exercise – I can’t say I’ve used the office spin studio yet but I’m sure I will at some point! 

What do you enjoy most about working at Coppett Hill? 

Whilst the variety and pace of consulting can be exciting, working on the strategy and direction of a business over a number of years requires a different perspective, and brings different rewards. At Coppett Hill, I can enjoy the variety and pace which first piqued my interest in consulting, as well as help shape the vision and strategy of Coppett Hill as a business. I cannot overstate how much of a motivating factor this is for me – it really feels like when we win, we win together as a team. 

What has been the biggest challenge? 

With greater responsibility, inevitably comes greater pressure – like all things, with a little time and experience, it becomes a lot more manageable. I have no problem admitting that the step up in terms of level of ownership was quite daunting at first – a couple of months on and this might just be the biggest motivating factor for me personally. The team have been really supportive, and Dave has always made a point of giving me some time back should I have to work late (which isn’t too often – we don’t do any deal type work, and so can generally set our own timelines for projects). 

How do you like to spend time outside of work? 

Outside of work, I like to spend time with friends and family, and enjoy playing football, tennis and squash. I’ve recently got more into my running – no asking what my 5k time is please, it leaves a lot to be desired – and will be spending the month ahead with friends watching the 6 nations from some of south London’s finest pubs.  

If you are interested in my experience at Coppett Hill, I’m always happy to chat – my email is (perks of joining a small business), or you can reach out to me on LinkedIn

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