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How we help

Coppett Hill is a technology-enabled consultancy working with investor-backed businesses to drive growth and commercial performance.

Our focus is on partnering with Management teams to accelerate customer acquisition. In our experience, this is often the single most important driver of value creation for investor-backed businesses.


We think of customer acquisition as a holistic activity which includes strategic choices, demand generation activities, the customer journey, measurement & insights, and the capabilities utilised by an organisation.

Our emphasis is on identifying the rate limiting factors for growth, so we prioritise the areas with the potential for the most positive impact.

What our clients say

"From the initial meeting, it was clear you took the time to understand what we were trying to do and our unique challenges within the sector. You asked all the right questions.


The immediate impact has given management confidence in our ability to deliver an accurate view of ROI [and] there's been a clear articulation of where we can achieve some quick wins from our growth activities"

Tom Picken
Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer
BIMM University

Read Tom's full story

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Our Clients

How we work

Our approach typically starts with a diagnostic to address a client’s questions. We build both quantitative and qualitative insights that surface the customer acquisition growth opportunities for our clients, which we distil down to a set of recommendations prioritised based on value creation potential.

Our focus on identifying the rate-limiting factors for customer acquisition covers key strategic questions such as which customers to target, as well as how our clients approach demand generation and their customer journey.

Often our initial diagnostic will involve significant work to build a data platform which ties together fragmented marketing, sales, and financial data sources for the very first time – for example to understand customer profitability, lifetime value, or the attributed return on investment (ROI) of marketing spend.


We then provide support to our clients to put these recommendations into practice and build their internal capabilities. They will start to use the insights we’ve created to make different decisions, run tests and pilots, and change the way they measure performance.

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Why choose us?


We have a mighty combination of strategic, operational and inventment experience

This gives us unique perspectives that underpin a value creation mindset

  • We are comfortable in the investor context, understanding the importance of speed, evidence and the ways to influence investment and fund return

  • We have lived through value creation initiatives many times - we understand the importance of pragmatism, balancing competing priorities, and how to take an organisation on a journey

  • Sometimes the timing isn’t right and we aren’t afraid to say so


We build insights to make decisions and measure performance

​This is core to our approach

  • Our team are analytical and natural problem solvers

  • Lack of the right data for informed decision making is often the biggest barrier to growth for our clients – they have data in many places which is underutilised

  • The infrastructure that we build as part of our work is enduring - with insights updating every day


We are customer acquisition specialists

  • We’ve seen many different business models, sectors and stages of growth – and we use this pattern recognition to find opportunities for our clients

  • Our focus allows us to build our own technology tools which we use to get to better answers for our clients, faster


We make transformational change

Our work is complete when customer goals and value creation have been achieved - not just when we deliver a workshop or presentation.

  • Insights are great - but the value is created when business activities are improved and outcomes are proven

  • We seek enduring relationships with our clients and are proud of our client retention to date

  • Our work often results in new ways of working for our clients. We will often support in training and mentorship of marketing leaders and their teams on this journey, as well as playing a role when new capabilities are being hired

When to call us

We help our clients answer their big strategic questions. Call us if you are wondering...


How fast could we accelerate customer acquisition in a business we are considering investing in?


How can we best understand and improve marketing ROI?


Which marketing channels should we prioritise?


How can we have better conversations about customer acquisition at the Board?


Which customers should we target?


How can we improve our customer journey to increase conversion?


How can we join to together our fragmented marketing and sales data sources to understand what is working?


What are our unit economics – LTV vs CPA?


Where is our headroom for growth?

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